Wiring diagrams and modifications

1. The PAL Magneton

If you have had previous experience with Jawa/CZ bikes then you recognise the PAL Magneton. The unit is a mechanical regulator which has gained an enviable reputation for reliability - mostly because it is compared with the equivalent Lucas product. However, for all its good qualities there are better alternatives these days and we will fit a Wassell solid-state regulator rectifier which will do the job much better. The alloy box containing the Magneton will be polished and affixed to the side of the bike but will not be wired.

2. The dummy Magneton

Fitted to the side of the bike on its usual mounting plate the Magneton looks like it is busy regulating. The real regulator/rectifier is in the battery box on the other side.

3. Indicators.

The curious indicators for the CZ 175 were missing from our bike. In a stroke of luck we found a rusty set (without lenses) on eBay and had them powdercoated in the original blue/grey. We then discovered a member of the Jawachat group who had a full set of NOS orange lenses for sale. Rubber seals were obtained from Jawashop and it was just a matter of wiring the units.

4. Dynamo and points plate

The dynamo and points plate were in extremely poor condition. However a good range of parts was available from Jawashop including complete brush assemblies, points plates (complete) and other components. We disassembled the dynamo and cleaned it and rewired the unit.

5. The dynamo refurbished and rewired

The dynamo came up looking almost new and a quick spin of the engine once we had the coil and battery wired in showed we had big fat blue sparks!

6. Headlamp wiring

A new ignition switch was purchased and warning lights (ignition and high beam) were also obtained. The original CZ warning light assemblies were not available so we substituted Hella lights which fitted in the same holes. We converted these to 6V.

7. The cockpit

The headlamp, speedo and warning light area is looking good. Apart from the warning lights, all has been refurbished using original parts.

8. Headlamp done

The headlamp, indicator and ignition switch wiring is complete. The distinctive flat top headlamp defines the quirky styling of East-European machinery of this era

9. Battery, brake light and rear indicators

With the battery, brake light and rear indicators wired in we are almost complete. The Wassell regulator-rectifier can be seen underneath the bunch of wires to the left of the battery. It is affixed to the airbox to aid the heat sink.

10. Finished

A blurry grab from a video but all the wiring is working - even the indicator is flashing!