Where to get parts and "the knowledge"

1. Spares suppliers

JAWASHOP: Most of our spares were sourced from this Czech supplier. Excellent communication, good range, great website. If you live in Australia and want your spares quickly, do pay the premium for faster delivery. This supplier is highly recommended.
ETOVAR: Good supplier - has many of the standard parts plus a few the others don't stock. Always look at their listings. Recommended.
MOTOREN: Jawa/CZ parts supplier.
JAWAMARKT: Jawa/CZ parts supplier
JAWAPARTS: Jawa/CZ parts supplier
MONTY JAWA: Jawa/CZ parts supplier (Czech language only)

Ebay Australia: Seller: kbbs356 This seller has a huge range of parts and is great to deal with. Good prices and fast delivery

If you know of a spares supplier we have not listed please email us for inclusion.

2. Links

1. Jawa CZ Owners Club (UK)
2. Jawa CZ Owners Club Ireland
3. Jims-Shed (Australia)
4. CZECHPOINT (All things Jawa ESO CZ)



JAWACHAT: The most important tip of all. Before you start, follow this link and register with Jawachat on Yahoo Groups. The group has almost one thousand members and some of the recognised international Jawa/CZ gurus hang out here. You will find this to be a no-nonsense forum of super-friendly enthusiasts who will gladly share their knowledge of Jawa/CZ machines with anyone. Despite being an absolute newcomer to the marque we were welcomed warmly. Go ahead and register!

JAWA OWNERS' CLUBS: There are Jawa/CZ owners' clubs in almost every country. Find your local club and join. You will dicover that Jawa/CZ people are keen to assist new owners and restorers.

JIM'S SHED: Visit the Jim's Shed site. The site is crammed with interesting articles about Jawas and CZs, downloadable manuals and Jim's tips on Jawa ownership. It is a "must visit" website for everyone interested in the Jawa/CZ marque.

SHIMMING THE LAYSHAFT: On many Jawa/CZ motorcycles the gearbox layshaft must be shimmed to give 0.3mm endfloat. Easy to do with the right instruments and it ensures positive gear-changing.

TWO STROKE OIL RATIO: There is an ongoing debate amongst Jawa/CZ owners about the Posilube pump. Some owners bypass the pump and premix their fuel - generally on the basis that the pumps are now aged and failure of a pump has catastrophic engine consequences. Other owners believe the pumps can be maintained and monitored and will give many years of service. We don't know enough to give an opinion and luckily our Type 477 and Type 634 are both (now) premix machines. Our approach to both Jawa/CZ and Italian two stroke machines has been for the first 1,000 km after an engine rebuild we use semi-synthetic at 25:1 and 33:1 mix thereafter. If you are lucky enough to have a Posilube bike then then the only question you need to ask is what oil you should put in the oil tank. We would use semi-synthetic two stroke oil - but that's just our opinion. As newcomers to Jawa/CZ we were a bit surprised at the amount of oil that dribbles out of the exhausts after a run. Other owners assure this is normal. Hmmm. Presumably this is a marque idiosyncracy!

STARTING YOUR JAWA/CZ: It took some time for us to become accustomed to starting our Type 634 Jawa (a 350cc twin). That is not to say Jawa/CZ bikes are hard to start. Not at all, just different. The awkward left-hand kickstart and high centre stand combine to make it important that you get it right and don't flood the motor. Jim (from Jim's-Shed) directed me to his STARTING TECHNIQUE page and it has proved invaluable. Our 634 starts mostly first kick and, very occasionally, second kick. Thanks Jim!