Paintwork nearly complete but still the minor jobs

1. Headlamp rim

The CZ 175 has an unusually styled aluminium headlamp rim. The rim is constructed using very thin aluminium and while the rim was in generally good condition a small dent in one side had puntured the sheet and left quite a number of imperfections. We tried to refurbish the rim but were unable to get the standard we desired.

2. Ebay headlamp rim

We picked up an NOS headlamp rim from ebay at a very reasonable price. Once we get a new headlamp reflector (our glass is okay) we will be well on the way to having completed the headlamp - apart from the wiring.

3. The muffler (silencer).

Opinion is divided as to whether the muffler can be rechromed. While the walls of the muffler are uncommonly thick, our local chrome plater would not do the job. He said that by the time they polished down to a smooth surface the walls of the muffler would be too thin. We took it to another plater and he took on the job saying that it would be "simple".

4. Muffler chromed ... but

The chrome plater rang back and informed us that the muffler was ready to pick up. At a distance it looks fine but close up there are ripples on the surface where the walls of the tube are so thin. Additionally, on the underside there are a few pinholes where liquid is weeping through the steel. Looks like our usual chrome plater was right. We have ordered a replacement muffler from Jawashop.

5. The dynamo

In keeping with the rest of the bike the dynamo has been immersed in water forever. I will strip it down, buy the spares and see if it works.

6. Alternator cleaned up

The alternator cleaned up well. We have ordered new brushes and a points assembly from Jawashop. This should have it running like new. We have decided to substitute a solid state unit for the mechanical regulator and have also ordered one of these. We will leave the "dummy" aluminium regulator box fitted under the the oil tank.

7. Tin side trim

Our bike was missing the tin side trim that is standard on this bike. Another easy and inexpensive ebay find it was soon apparent that owners wouldn't need much encouragement to take these off. They are cosmetic only and the method of fixing means they are certain to rattle and probably split. We will powdercoat ours and see if we can fit them in a manner which foresees these issues.

8. The engineer makes a delivery

After a couple of weeks at the engineer the barrel has been returned and it has been rebored to suit a piston we sourced from Jawashop. Also the flywheel assembly has been constructed with the new crank. However, we have a problem. The new LH crankshaft end does not have the slotted section that serves as the drive for the two stroke oil pump. It seems the reproduction crankshafts do not have this. This will mean we need to premix fuel until another crank can be found - not a great imposition as all our two strokes are premix!