Restoration of a 1974 Benelli 2C

Between 2009 and 2012 we restored four Benelli 2Cs - projects that started as seven basket cases in very poor condition. The restoration of the first, a red machine, is documented on a website here. Since the rebuilds all four bikes have covered many thousands of kilometres and proved to be reliable, fun lightweights.

However, after the restorations we were left with many assorted parts - mostly those discarded in favour of better alternatives for the other bikes. There remained the question of what to do with these parts. A quick shed floor audit revealed that we had most, if not all, the major components and while they were very much in need of refurbishment, constructing a motorcycle from this heap of rust and oxidized alloy was a worthy challenge!

Why a 2C?

The reasons for seeking out and restoring a Benelli 2C are covered in the original 2C website (here). However this restoration was driven not only by the availability of parts but also by the enjoyment of riding the other bikes over the preceeding couple of years. The high quality fitments - Marzocchi forks, Grimeca brakes, Tommaselli controls & Silentium silencers make the 2C an affordable, interesting Italian lightweight. The impeccable handling and road manners make it a delight to ride. The decision to restore another was easy to make.