The Bantam Engine & Frame Number Reference
YEAR D1 (Wico) D1 (Lucas)
Engine Frame Frame
Rigid Plunger
1949 UYD-101
1949 YD1-101 YD1-101
1950 UYD-20001 UYDL-101
1950 YD1-20001 YDL1-101 YD1-20001 YD1S-20001
(YD20001?) (YDL-101?)
1951 YD1-40001 YDL1-3001 YD1-40001 YD1S-40001
1952 YD1-63001 YDL1-8001 YD1-64001 YD1S-64001
1953 BD2-101 BD2L-101 BD2-101 BD2S-101
D1 D1 D3 D3
Direct & Comp Battery Direct & Comp Battery
1954 BD-101 BDB-101 BD3-101 BD3B-101 BD2-14600 BD2S-14600
1955 DD-101 DDB-101 BD3-5138 BD3B-5138 BD2-34701 BD2S-34701
Frame D1 Frame D3
Plunger Plunger
1956 DD-4801 DDB-3301 BD3-10401 BD3B-12801 BD2S-55001 CD3-101
1957 DD- DDB- BD3- BD3B- BD2S- CD3-
D1 D1 D5 D5 Frame D1 Frame D5
Direct Battery Direct Battery
1958 DD-8577 DDB-7849 ED5-101 ED5B-101 BD2S-65001 FD5-101
D1 D1 D7 D7 Frame D1 Frame D7
Direct Battery Direct Battery
1959 DD-10812 DDB-10628 ED7-101 ED7B-101 BD2S-67581 D7-101
1960 DD-12501 DDB-12501 ED7-1501 ED7B-7001 BD2S-70501 D7-8101
1961 DD-14501 DDB-14501 ED7-3001 ED7B-15501 BD2S-73701 D7-18401
1962 DD-15481 DDB-16413 ED7-4501 ED7B-23001 BD2S-76680 D7-27450
D1 D1 D7 D7 D7 Frame D1 Frame D7 Frame D7
Direct Battery Direct & Trail Battery Police (All) Trail
1963 DD-16129 DDB-17606 ED7-5505 ED7B-26904 ED7BP-26904 BD2S-78746 D7-33268 D7-33268T
D7A D7A Frame D7A
Direct Battery
ED7A-5505 ED7BA-26904 D7-33268
1964 ED7A-6887 FD7A-101 D7-38400
D7 D7 Frame D7 Frame D7
Direct & Trail Battery Trail
ED7-6887 FD7-101 D7-38400 D7-38400
D7 D7 D7 Frame D7
Direct Battery Pastoral (All)
& Trail Bronc
1965 ED7-9001 FD7-3001 ED7-9001 D7-42878
D7 Deluxe D7 Silver D7 Silver
& Deluxe
1966 ED7-101 ED7-101 FD7-101? D7-49985 to 51960
1966 GD7-101 GD7-101 after frame 51960
D10 D10S D10B Frame D10 Frame D10 Frame D10
(4 speed) (Bushman) (4 speed) (Bushman)
1967 D10-101 D10A-101 D10A-101 D10-101 D10A-101 BD 10A-101
D13 Supreme D14/4 Supreme D13 Sports Frame D13  Frame D14/4  Frame D13
Supreme Supreme Sports
1968 D13B-101 to 780 D14B-781 D13B-101 to 780 D13B-101 D14B-781 D13B-101S
D14/4 Sports D13 Bushman D14/4 Bushman Frame D14/4 Frame D13 Frame D14/4
Sports Bushman Bushman
1968 D14B-781 D13C-101 to 780 D14C-781 D14B-781S D13C-101B D14C-781B
From 1968 onwards all BSA models used the following numbering system:
First two letters represented the date (see below)
Model numbers for 1969-70 were D175, D175B
Model numbers for 1971 were D175
Serial number, starting at 00100 each model season. Model seasons start August and end in July.
Month code:
A January H July
B February J August
C March K September
D April N October
E May P November
G June X December
Year code:
C August 1968 to July 1969
D August 1969 to July 1970
E August 1970 to July 1971
G August 1971 to July 1972
Important Notes:
The above chart has been gleaned from a large number of reference sources which seem to disagree on many of the
models. Any information which will help refine this chart is gratefully accepted.
Where a question mark (?) is shown I am unsure, due to numerous conflicting data sheets, of the actual numbers. In these cases
I have tried to include all.
Despite proof reading this many times, I am sure there will be errors - email me if you find one and I will correct it!